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Our Door Sets

Although we will happily manufacture individual components, the majority of our doors are supplied as part of a pre-hung door set, fully finished, consisting of the frame, door leaf or leaves (with any vision panels), stops, architraves and essential ironmongery. They are delivered to site preassembled ready for installation or with the doors and frames separated for easy of handling should you require it.

This is in contrast to traditional assemblies consisting of the same components, but usually supplied from various different sources, with assembly and finishing carried out on site.

The 'Code of practice for fire door assemblies' in BS 8214:1990 acknowledges the importance of our style of construction: 'It is strongly recommended that the pre-hung, pre-finished, fire doors (i.e. door sets) are specified whenever possible as this reduces the amount of site work necessary and allows normal factory quality control procedures to be applied to the finishing operation.'

The door set concept is advocated under the 'Modern Methods of Construction' banner, offering greater efficiency and savings. Independent research has addressed the common misconception regarding the capital costs of door sets by comparing current market prices with those of site assembled components, clearly showing that door sets can save up to 50% of the capital cost.

Our sets are designed to meet specific performance requirements and manufactured to exacting standards under strict factory conditions to ensure a consistent quality and fitness for purpose, whilst minimising the need for intervention and costs on site.

The majority of our sets have enhanced characteristics such as extended fire resistance, acoustic, security and x-ray protection properties.