Performance door set manufacturers to the construction industry


Our pre-hung door set offer is substantially enhanced when complimented by our range of high performance ironmongery' fully prepared for in-house, with the offer of none protruding items pre-fitted if required. This heavily reduces site preparation in fitting costs and ensures accuracy and project coordination.

We are primarily offering architectural ironmongery packages specialising in the specification of schools, hospitals, student accommodation and the likes taking the vision of the architect and/or client into reality through the process of scheduling from drawings providing samples and experience to the every day needs of the building.

By specifying a Butler Doors set we will be able to assure you of a fully integrated product, taking you away from a traditional route of procuring from different sources and the problem of consistency and compatibility will be a thing of the past.

We supply ironmongery to all of the following CE and BS EN standards and classifications:

BS EN 1906 European standard for lever handles and knob furniture

BS EN 12209 European standard for mechanically operated locks and latches

BS EN 1154 European standard for controlled door closing devices

BS EN 1155 European standard for electronically powered hold open devices

BS EN 1125 European standard for panic exit devices

BS EN 179 The standard for emergency exit devices

BS EN 1935 European standard for single axis hinges

BS 8300 The standard to provide good practice in the design of buildings suitable for use by disabled people